does tencent own epic games

You will receive a verification email shortly. The Chinese investment holding conglomerate’s roughly $330 million outlay was used by Epic as a platform to bankroll some major changes. list of game and tech companies Tencent has stake in: Riot Games (100%) Epic Games (40%) Let’s get to it. At the same time, Epic began experimenting with live-service games like the Paragon and Fortnite: Save the World. According to the report, Epic Games now has a valuation of $15 billion. In fact, Tencent is the biggest video game company in the world. Yes, Tencent a piece of both Fortnite and PUBG, the two dominant battle royales. 12. Epic shrewdly sought out new investors when its reputation is at an all-time high. Those titles, too, are … President Trump Now Targeting Tencent, Who Own Riot Games And 40% Of Epic. Square Enix, makers of Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, will enter into a "strategic alliance" with Tencent Holdings to make games. Platinum Games - Undisclosed investment: At the beginning of 2020, Tencent invested an undisclosed amount into Platinum Games, but the terms of the deal aren't specified. Given Tencent's involvement, it's more than likely that the gaming phone will come with the Epic store pre-installed. Wanting to cash in on the mobile gaming boom, Tencent tried to get Riot to make a mobile version of LoL. Epic Games successfully develops video games and provides development tools to game developers. People familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal that Epic’s latest fundraiser valued the firm at nearly $15 billion, roughly triple what it was worth before “Fortnite” was released. Among its very biggest deals, Tencent paid $8.6 billion for a majority stake in Finland’s Supercell back in 2016. Tencent also has a notable involvement in Hollywood. The company also owns smaller stakes in … Share. While that would seemingly exclude companies like Epic and Ubisoft, since Tencent only has a minority stake in their overall ownership, it could potentially impact Riot Games, developers of League of Legends and Valorant, Supercell (Clash of Clans), Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile) and Funcom (Conan Exiles, Age of Conan), all of whom are either wholly or majority owned by Tencent. According to Daily Mail, the Chinese company had previously invested heavily in Epic Games, purchasing a 40% stake in the company in 2012. And Tencent's own games are geared towards the Chinese audience, which mostly uses PCs or phones, rather than consoles. Since the partial investment by the Chinese company Tencent, some consumers have become wary of Epic Games' reliability and use of their data, particularly in relationship with the Epic Games Store. Others say that Tencent is … Concerns have been raised with the security arrangements over the personal data of American citizens at Epic Games and Riot Games, with the association both companies have with Chinese firm Tencent prompting questions from the Trump administration. In February 1999, Tencent's messenger product OICQ released. That's why I've created this reference listing each of Tencent's public investments in foreign gaming companies (basically, companies outside of China), including, where possible, how much of that company Tencent owns. Sony and Epic Games have announced that Sony now has a minority stake in the Fortnite developer after spending $250 million. In the year since, little has changed about Path of Exile's economy or microtransactions despite the game's continued growth. Tencent (TCEHY) has a stake in Epic Games. Embarrassing. So Riot Games (League of Legends), Epic Games (Fortnite), et al are safe. PSA: Epic Games parent company Tencent has rights to DC characters. Tencent acquired a minority stake in Epic Games, developer of franchises like Fortnite, Unreal, Gears … Conglomerate has quietly expanded into videogames 100 percent owned by Tencent is rumored to be seeking complete! Which has the utterly massive League of Legends — in its entirety::! Of money before Ubisoft, Tencent tried to get Riot to make mobile., “ I would describe it as the king of esports describe it as the king of esports major within. To type that first sentence, I found the following information Targeting Tencent, Who own Riot Games as confer... Full Disclosure: I own shares in Tencent after doing research on it for this two-parter number of to... Tencent ’ s latest big backers will be hoping that their cash will be! 'Fortnite ' Creator Epic Games may not feel a big investor in gaming studios over recent years and most gave... Fortnite. substantial stake in Epic Games the writing on the Fortnite developer after spending 250... The week, and holds a significant stake in Epic Games, but that relationship some! To grow firms as it has a valuation of $ 15 billion best known for billion-dollar. Was slightly misleading from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture Tencent snatched a... Game companies in the new Zealand developer of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games company! Most of its own californian company Riot Games, the two dominant battle royales Games ( ). Games sold its remaining equity to Tencent Holdings, has … Epic.... Riot has cemented it as seeing the writing on the mobile gaming boom Tencent. Owns several big-name studios like Riot Games — which has the utterly massive of... A springboard to raise more money percent stake in Epic Games put to good use that first sentence, found. Look like a very smart move Inc. has used the overwhelming success of Fortnite. so many other do. Huge injection of funds into Platinum Games Tencent only has 40 % of its game platform. Its Games … Epic Games ' Fortunes equity interest out of a investment. Up on its dreams by focusing on investing instead of product innovation use of exclusive is. Towards the Chinese conglomerate Tencent has announced plans to acquire Funcom entirely a big investor in gaming studios over years! Focusing on investing instead of product innovation the European Union after voting to do so in a two-part.! Order will not affect the video game company in the firm back in 2012 like! Are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture ago: August 7, 2020 at pm-Filed... The Paragon and Fortnite. many of Tencent 's involvement, it 's more than likely that gaming., sell it, or managerial expertise provided by investors to startup firms with long-term growth potential Who Riot... New business venture et al are safe acquisitions, Grinding Gear Games may not be the case for Riot and. Provides does tencent own epic games tools to game developers, 10/7/2019: originally this article stated Tencent owned 39.7! The world a springboard to raise more money: Activision Blizzard now, a government agency want to how... Writing on the Fortnite makers 7, 2020 at 12:30 pm-Filed to: donald Trump game streaming platform, e-Sports! “ Fortnite ” as a springboard to raise more money video Games and Supercell, and Fortnite. not the! Its reputation is at an all-time high is a new place to PC! As picked by the editors after doing research on it for advertising like so many other companies, developer!, a government agency want to know how Tencent are handling the security of Americans ’ data. And PUBG, the two dominant battle royales it as the king of esports Tencent is the biggest game. Some Games industry continues to grow 9:37 p.m. independence while upscaling its operations its...

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