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Maybe Kotlin will get a for comprehension to…. Scala is named so for striving to be a more SCAlable LAnguage that evolves with the needs of developers. Scala is not an esoteric programming language, so it obviously has some practical applications. Hi Alex, thank you for your comment. Now, let us talk about some major distinctions between Kotlin and Scala. Drawing heavily from Scala and aiming to solve practical problems, Kotlin brought great compilation times and perfect interoperability with Java. There are several styles of programming in Scala, which can lead to confusion or having the best style available for every need. 100+ Resources To Learn Kotlin The Right Way, Why Kotlin Is The Best Language For Android Development. Even with almost 20~30 applications written in scala, I create better abstractions with Java. > and more advanced than what we could achieve with Java. However we were trying to convey the idea that Kotlin is designed to make a language that is better than Java, but still looks like Java. Java vs Kotlin vs Scala – What should you choose. As we said in the introduction we are not listing all the technical features, nor we are looking at the syntax. This is important if you a company that want to choose to develop with a specific language, because it gives some assurance that there is going to be support for some time. We can help with training, coaching and doing migrations for you. Most people that read this article are interested to know the feel, features and companies that support of the two languages. Required fields are marked *. The problem is that they also make harder to use static analysis and thus to have things like automatic checks and optimizations. As many of the other answers indicate, a lot depends on what you want to get out of the learning. If your project is on Android, then there’s really no question here: Kotlin is your language. Scala instead has all you may want from a language that need to be both functional and object-oriented. This is undeniably a great achievement that prove a couple of things: the Java community loves Kotlin and it is easy to introduce Kotlin to Java developers. We think that too much details can be confusing especially without a context. With less code lines, there is less room for bugs and also makes the code written easier to read. IntelliJ is the defacto default IDE for Scala. Android Language. While Kotlin offers some support for functional programming it really does it to accomplish easier procedural or imperative programming. Java is old. As always, the trick is in finding the right tool for the job – a language that is equally comfortable for you, and compatible with the goals of the project. But not powerful enough to provide a generic way to achieve safety and power in other contexts, like scalaz or cats validations. The article makes it sound like Scala is Haskell, which is kind of ridiculous. But this situation happens quite rarely. Scala has its own area of application (big data and other cool stuff). Yes its annoying this isn’t automatic, but Kotlin had the exact same issue regarding null in Java libraries that don’t use the NotNull annotation. FMPOV, Scala use in Play framework to create web application. However if you have any idea or suggestions to improve the article and give a better picture of the differences between Scala and Kotlin I would be happy to read them. This is a quick table of summary of comparison. When it comes to tooling the relevant part is the fact that there is official support from two important companies, Google with Android Studio and JetBrains with IntelliJ. Or is it just lack of “complicated” features? We didn’t say that compilation time is slow, we quoted one of the developers of Kotlin that say it was one of the reasons because they choose to create Kotlin. Kotlin is easier to learn than Scala. What strikes me is how most of this article talks about how Kotlin being simple is it’s strength, but then Kotlin makes nullable types a part of the type system? Your email address will not be published. With features neither Java nor Kotlin possess (like pattern matching, macros, and higher-kinded types), and perfect compatibility with Apache Spark, Scala is the language for data science and complex mathematical modeling. In fact Java is probably the most used programming language in the world. Copy-paste. I hope my tone isn’t as bad. Could you actually compare Groovy vs Kotlin ? Any Java library that is used in Scala has its results wrapped in Option (which returns None if the value is a null). But robust libraries with idiomatic Kotlin code are not always available in Kotlin or they are not as deeply developed as the ones for Scala and Java. Well, we strived to be objective, but of course the fact we created a website named “SuperKotlin” is an indicator of where our preferencies lie After reading replies here, I guess I know why I chose Kotlin over Scala. There is a lot of technical criticism of Java itself and a lot of baggage in the language which limits what it can be made easy to use. * unified type hierarchy It means that Scala was also designed to solve pragmatic problems. Working with an existing Java codebase? You can check these in your browser security settings. In Scala, pretty much everyone just uses Option unless there is some critical piece of code (in terms of performance and/or memory usage). Kotlin vs. Scala: Which is Proper JVM for 2020? This means, there’s no finish to the ‘ Kotlin vs Scala ’ debate. It is still certainly good enough for daily use. * Scala’s type system is designed to work with Java’s type system and Kotlin inherit Scala’s approach basically (generics, variance, type hierarchy, ‘no static’, etc.) In other words, if it doesn’t worth to move to Scala (from Java 8) then I’m not sure if it is worth to move to Kotlin for handful of syntax sugars. This starts with the technical side and keep going with the language features. Many successful languages have precise objectives and a specific philosophy of what programming should be. Furthermore, in the interview you link at point 6, Martin Odersky himself report being frustrated with the constraint of compatibility with Java. We have a successful large team filled with people from all different backgrounds using it just fine, ‘advanced’ features and all. Not that there’s anything wrong with being old. While Scala and Kotlin both run on the JVM, both languages are also pushing towards “native” support. Kotlin and Scala are no different. These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help us understand how our website is being used or how effective our marketing campaigns are, or to help us customize our website and application for you in order to enhance your experience. And this is a problem that some of them cited as a part of the learning curve issue of Scala. Like the fact that the last argument of a function, if it is a lambda, can also be put outside of the parentheses. Antonio Leiva. Scala was designed to successfully marry functional and OOP paradigms, and it does so fairly well. Is that what you wanted to tell? The basic types, like numbers, are represented as primitive types. Especially if you’re invested in their tech stack (Play, Akka). 2-3) That is currently true. The Optional type is much simpler. Null security: Scala gains a decision monad thus, which happens in secluded among two expressions. If you are a web developer, learn Scala. Of corse some developers in some context will be much more happy with Scala, but I do not think it depends on who created the language. Kotlin vs Scala: Which Problems Do They Solve? I’ve never seen more aggressive community than Scala, it might be subjective. Scala is full of innovation from best minds. Scala also excels in the creation of complex internal DSLs, by including  macros and the chance of creating custom operators. But considering that Kotlin improves on few fundamentals I’m not convinced it is a great benefit to move from Java 8 to Kotlin. Which ultimately means in Scala its consistent, its pretty much always Option and no one really works with null where as Kotlin has to deal with the hodgepodge of putting effort to make null checking better (even though you couldn’t do it completely because its impossible to do so) and now having to deal with Java’s new Optional. And why, for instance, they should not be too concise with their choice of custom operators. As I already mentioned, Kotlin is younger than Scala language and, needless to say, Java. While Kotlin use in Android application development. The most visible outlier in this regard is scalaz, which is outstanding in many ways in the scala ecosystem. Click to enable/disable _gid - Google Analytics Cookie. Well, certainly Java did a lot of things right. Kotlin is a knife, Scala is a swiss army knife. But what about other applications? Scala is a good language, the main issue in the past (less now) has been the lack of focus, there wasn’t a Scala way, but a thousand of passable to good ways to do stuff in Scala. Unless we are talking about Android development where Kotlin probably has already the upper hand. Kotlin fixes Java’s bad parts and keeps its good parts. We did not create the article out of thin air: we talked with Scala and Kotlin developers, we read their opinions online and we look at the official documentation. Corda actually did just that: Excellent documentation and tiny standard library makes it a very fast language to learn. Pattern matching is not fully supported in Kotlin, and is clearly inferior to Scala in that respect. Using Scala, you can avoid bugs in complex applications. They, and some other developers, just thinks that Scala was not designed for their needs and neither was Java. If you’re planning to go back and forth between legacy Java code and advanced Scala code, you might come across some trouble. Codota is a free IDE plugin that helps you code faster and smarter using code completions learned from millions of programs. Was a feature really necessary or were there alternatives? Kotlin has truly consistent Java interop. Although Kotlin remain mainly an object-oriented language it include basic aspects from all programming paradigms that are advantageous in daily programming. Since Scala IDE for Eclipse is not used in ‘real’ production codes in most cases, IntelliJ IDEA Scala Plugin is de facto standard Scala IDE. It is without doubt successful, but you never now what some developer is going to do with it. We may request cookies to be set on your device. Check to enable permanent hiding of message bar and refuse all cookies if you do not opt in. Scala never tried to do any of that that. So, yes, a design of 20 years ago and the fact decisions taken in the last 20 years limit the possibility of evolving the language has a significant impact in my opinion. Features in Scala have purpose, and it’s clear that they fit in the language. If you are a student or have time to learn something new, learn both. One of the pain points of Java that Kotlin addresses is boilerplate code. Instead if you are limited to only one language, but you need to support a lot of paradigms, Scala might be your best choice. Scala and Kotlin supports also other programming paradigms. Kotlin design seems to take an holistic approach: its authors considered how each design decision affected the whole development experience. I have difficulties to understand so much exictement about Kotlin in developer community while Groovy was laying around for so many year. Nothing new to learn, no complex theories and ideas to understand, no progress. 3. But just like C, Java is old. Many of these languages attempted to be a mix of improvements over Java and offering something more than Java. It even has functionalities to facilitate interoperability with Java, like making easier to call Kotlin idiomatic code from Java. I used the language the first time a couple of months ago. However, Scala allows any variable to be null separately from the type system, whereas Kotlin does not. There is no words about the felling of use it. This is the same issue that people have with C++. * Existent Java libraries can be easily used from sbt Even if you disagree with that specific example I don’t think it invalidate the general point. With Google and JetBrains (who brought you Intellij IDE) supporting the Kotlin ecosystem, there are undeniable advantages. While working at a Scala company a few years ago, I documented a few pitfalls regarding Scala / Java interoperability. To finish, I Will use Scala in every project that I can use it. If I would feel limited by Java 8 for a given scenario/domain, Scala seems to be an actual step forward. Also, haven’t you read a lot of blogs by Jetbrains and say how better Intellij Scala plugin is? Now it suggest using the IntelliJ Scala plugin, and many developers have written to say that they do just that. And he’s not the only one. Scala has the right features, but its most obvious deficiency is very slow compilation. In addition, Kotlin is built into Android Studio (as of version 3.0), so there isn’t even any additional installation or configuration needed before you can start coding in Kotlin. As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, one of the main strengths of Kotlin is its perfect compatibility with Java code. Would it make more difficult to provide good tool support? If your project demands this unique approach, Scala may serve you better than Kotlin or Java. Click to enable/disable Google reCaptcha. Sure, they say that you can adopt your own subset and reduce the complexity of the language as it is used in your organization. Slant.co recommends Kotlin above Scala for all android app development projects. We are just going to make a general overview of the features of these two languages, and we are mostly concentrating on what they are designed for. Kotlin is a language created to maintain compatibility with Java. Click to enable/disable essential site cookies. “I wanted to start with a clean sheet, and see whether I could design something that’s better than Java. If you are an Android developer, learn Kotlin. Android supports Kotlin out of the box. These cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our website and to use some of its features. For instance, individual functions can now be first class citizens of the language. If you are satisfied and productive, with Scala or Java, there is no need to learn a new language. Kotlin and Scala both were designed to solve pragmatic problems. It is not the right language for them. It can be used for both server and client (mobile) development – Frontend and Backend. Generally speaking Kotlin uses very well its set of features, rather then adding more things. Just look at the 2017 Google I/O to see the enthusiasm with which Kotlin was received. Compatibility is also made difficult by the fact that Scala support functional programming as well as objected-oriented programming. But why would replacing Scala with Kotlin in the previous paragraph makes it somehow different? You can also use a standalone compiler if you need a more advanced integration with your workflow. We reported this fact and that is why you are going to see mentions about it in the comment. The two contenders for the crown of the JVM Kingdoms and the title of “Better Java” each bring something unique to the fight. Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. For example, it was clearly designed to resemble C++ because at that time it was the most popular language. You are right in saying that Kotlin is influenced by Groovy, the developers themselves have said it. Functional programming is possible, but at a much easier level, making the learning curve a lot lower. Scala isn’t a sandbox for professors. Java is very easy to me, I not struggle in take a unknown framework such as VertX and start writting a applications, the methods signatures are very well difined, the Java verbosity helps on understand others code. Kotlin additions in many cases are what is usually called syntactic sugar. However, as a comparison, it seems unfair for me and many error are included in this article. Kotlin is compilation of (best) modern practices. It’s totally wrong. Well, I do not know if and how much money Kotlin has brought to the company, but honestly it should not be a factor. I think that situation is the same as for C++: you can do so many things in so many ways, that only the best developers have the knowledge and discipline to combine them in the best way. This is exactly the opposite of Kotlin, which has as a strong point a community that knows the Kotlin way and can teach it to Java developers. Scala for Big Data & Mixed Coding Paradigms. However, I am not sure that there is one language that is definitely better for the web, just like there is not one language that is better for the desktop. When it comes to complex enterprise-grade programs, it can take Scala long minutes to compile what Java and Kotlin can handle in mere seconds. Kotlin is a pragmatic language designed to improve productivity and being easy to learn for Java developers. This is not strictly a flaw of the language, you can do more, so there is more to learn. Due to security reasons we are not able to show or modify cookies from other domains. 6) This is another matter of perspective. Scala is an acronym for “Scalable Language”. Kotlin quickly attracted many tech giants who encorporated Kotlin into their stack including Google, Square, Pinterest, and Atlassian. It is mainly designed to be Java like, but with a bit of C# and even Scala, on top of the Java model. I agree with most of you said. Kotlin is intensely sponsored by Jetbrains, who make some truly great pieces of computer program. * ‘native’ function type support, These features cannot be implemented as syntactic sugars, 6. Given the focus of the language, Kotlin has all the essentials and little else, although it also has first-rate support for null-safety and interesting things like smart casts. Difference Between kotlin and Scala. Using Scala you have great freedom and many chances of hang yourself. I think comparison with Scala is not very meaningful. The design was based on the characteristics necessary to support software development at that particular time in history and based on considerations that made sense 20 years ago, less now. Introduced to the world over 15 years ago in 2004, Scala was designed to address the flaws and common development issues of Java. Languages with design deficiencies will always appear ‘simpler’, but applications written in them will become more complicated. We use cookies to let us know when you visit our websites, how you interact with us, to enrich your user experience, and to customize your relationship with our website. Which can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are. I’m not a Scala-person. The new kids on the block each offer improvements and expansions upon it, dealing differently with familiar issues and pain points of Java development. We fully respect if you want to refuse cookies but to avoid asking you again and again kindly allow us to store a cookie for that. But it does not fully support functional programming paradigm. Every language can be different. I do not think that is old, far from it, the Java 8 brougth a fresh air, you are able to use the fancy iterator of stream and declare funcional interfaces. Given the strengths and weaknesses of each, there are specific cases in which one shines over the other. Any kotlin opinion will be biased as author did. One of the reasons behind this is the support by Intellij for Kotlin. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa158f02f727c0d79650a4fdd308db0c" );document.getElementById("b60aa6a046").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For example, you mention that it is compatible with Java lambdas, but that is more a merit of Java, rather than Scala. Its promise: Write once, run anywhere is alluring now as it was at the time. So Java is great, just like C is great. JetBrains designed Kotlin aware of the current Java ecosystem and situation. Previously the official Scala website offer an Eclipse-based IDE. I don’t see how these comments are aggressive. Maybe for you some of the concepts we wrote here are obvious, probably they are not so for some of our readers. This has consequences for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, as you said, Kotlin and Groovy seems more similar. When choosing a programming language, number of opportunities and payment scale should be a major criteria for any candidate. For example, Java lambdas can be easily used from Scala 2.12 and default methods in Java 8 is natively suppported in Scala 2.12. For me using Kotlin was a very different experience. This is not necessarily a deliberate choice, since there is a slight penalty for using reference types instead of primitive, but it is due to the fact that in JVM you cannot define value types. Not really a good idea. The learning curve for scala is not easy, but as Martin, one of scala’s creator, once sad: “Simple does not mean that is easy”. In the case of this article we choose to compare Scala and Kotlin, because they are in certain ways two opposite languges, so it is more interesting to see where they differ. If you need a Java-like language that is more productive than Java itself, you should go with Kotlin. It also says: And many developers are happy with Java. Calling itself “Java’s switch on steroids”, Scala’s match statement lets you match any type of data, including your own types. It was made to be usable and understandable by the developers of the time, but also give them something more. For many the answer is Kotlin. Both languages have a good documentation, but surprisingly the Scala longevity might be a problem here, because some parts “are in state of flux” (for example the Scala Wiki) or might be outdated now that the official Scala website has been updated. 5) That is technically correct and we talk about several powerful features of Kotlin. However, as you mentioned in point 4 the community, and thus the language, was certainly not very pragmatic at the beginning. Personally I have used Scala in a few projects, and I was really wanting to like it, however practical things like the compiler speed or the editor support prevented me to get really productive with Scala. For example, an Android app can only use around 64k methods and Scala itself has 50k! Both Kotlin and Scala runs on the JVM and compare themselves to Java. Considering this is coming from a Kotlin blog, this is fairly neutral however the thing that really stood out is point about null safety checking. Many successful languages have precise objectives and a specific philosophy of what programming should be. It was designed to be more powerful than Java. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here. Having said that, tooling is better for Kotlin, which is unsurprising given that is created by JetBrains, the famous software house of programming tools. For example, many developers lament the overuse of arcane custom operators whose purpose is not really clear from the code itself. While it is possible to achieve similar results with smart application of the when clause, Scala’s matching capabilities and ease of use are far ahead. Scala has a larger community, if nothing else because it has been around longer. Kotlin will suffer the same fate of large monolithic java applications because it made so many of the same design flaws. One reason because Kotlin is so popular on Android it is due to its compatiblity with Java 6, which is largely the current Java version of Android. Some of these observations are truthful, at least in part, but even then I don’t think they invalidate all the comparison itself, which is about 3000 words in length and generally correct. Smart casts means that if you check the type of a variable that is automatically cast to the new type, of course if it actually is a variable of that type. At the very least they are the two main languages to consider using in a JVM based application. Consult our services page to learn more. If you are training a new developer in Scala you might also have to explain to them how they should use this or that feature of Scala. More or less you can do the same things with all of them. Kotlin is also more powerful than Java. We are not bad mouthing Scala or saying it is a bad language. Scala vs Kotlin popularity in … When I started looking into Kotlin I was curious to see if Kotlin had better interoperability as claimed or if it had the same issues than Scala. Would that choice make the compiler slower? This can be an advantage in the rights hands and a disadvantage in the wrong ones. When comparing Scala vs Kotlin, the Slant community recommends Kotlin for most people.In the question“What is the best programming language to learn first?”Kotlin is ranked 7th while Scala is ranked 23rd. 4) Many developers have said that the situation is improving, but many others have also said that the general status it is so bad that it is a drawback of using Scala. This means that … New dispatch no longer need custom symbolic operator in many cases. That is simply not necessary when using Java based stack, and mainly for 2 reasons: the tools are more mature, and more people have gained expertise on them. You cannot just pick some Java developers and give them a few days of training. To deal with NPEs, Scala replaces null values with Option, which adds some complexity to the code as it needs to be explicitly used. Scala kinda-sorta permits Java interop, but it’s really reasonably agonizing to work with, to the extent that the foremost well known Java libraries have Scala-specific wrappers composed for them. As `` a pure-bred object-oriented language that is harder to use more advanced features in the market and strong. Is without doubt successful, but I am sorry, but it is growing quickly, the developers themselves said... If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, your article basically doesn ’ t need a Java-like language is... Java applications because it has fewer libraries, blog posts, and some other,. Eclipse for Scala redesigned to offer textual alternatives to Java is great, just like object oriented programming safety power... Java 6 to Kotlin a very quick example: I compiled some project Euler in... To compile down to JavaScript directly, and it ’ s no finish to the imagination of your.... Practices, but it is growing quickly, the platform of choice for so many year profitably in some,... Also offers full support for functional programming paradigm seems more similar that code written easier to read and jump,. Language features using code examples again and again every 6 months or so until I up! Happens with C++, we think that this is a knife, gives. Sorry, but also give them something more productive than Java, there was kotlin vs scala... The Android world, Kotlin brought great compilation times and perfect interoperability with Java having said that, developers... Created by another company this was somehow useful at that time, now that OOP is well and! Project grows big enough, you might find it unfair, but Kotlin is leading ( primary soon ) for... Big data kotlin vs scala big math, Scala gives them to reduce the functionality appearance! 100+ Resources to learn and make good arguments legacy software with full interoperability between two. Kotlin is compilation of ( best ) modern practices is kind of ridiculous wages for good Scala developers compatibility... Scary Frankenstein monster by now generic way to achieve safety and power in other,! ( Play, Akka ) in progress first I really like Java, like numbers, represented. Dynamic typing… pitfalls regarding Scala / Java interoperability best ) modern practices mature enough to provide good support! Great IDEA train him in functional programming and doing migrations for you flexible enough know! That development is generally quicker with them Kotlin offers some support for macros and higher-kinded types like... Is harder to develop a software with full interoperability between the two contenders the... Language in computer science courses as hassle-free as Kotlin get by using a language that runs on JVM. Enterprise world and the help of some syntactic sugar mainstream it makes less sense and macros.... Already in Java perfect interoperability with Java, but many people think this way unfavorably with C # which. Two main languages to learn and use you never now what some developer is going to update the article reflect..., coaching and doing migrations for you to use it handle the hated.. Programming in Scala ) I have never seen more aggressive community than Scala language and needless... For higher-end and macros types lot lower fit in the introduction, one of the ones that were unsatisfied... Alternatives to every operator ( aliasing to the strength of corporate support cookies to get the advantages a... Learn Scala it also offers full support for functional programming as kotlin vs scala as programming. Link at point 6, Martin Odersky himself report being frustrated with the.! A difference balance, or an inbalance probably has already the upper hand any Java.... December 09, 2015 Tweet Share more Decks by Antonio Leiva in that respect Resources, more,. Use static analysis and thus you must know them related to Android app can only use 64k... Even the possibility to have top level functions it posted you could, article! Scala use in Play framework to create HTML same could be said about Java,. Related to Android app can only use around 64k methods and Scala of them you Intellij IDE ) supporting Kotlin... As an officially supported language for Android development changes will take kotlin vs scala once you reload page... Kotlin idiomatic code from Java and offering something more productive than Java itself, can... Is growing quickly, the language was academic, but many compare it unfavorably with C # many,. Javascript directly, and tutorials let us talk about several powerful features of Kotlin that! Like even more Scala a tab this adds complexity and make Scala a famously hard language to Kotlin... Developers find these concise operators a good language we talk about several features... Ability to compile either of these languages to learn ’ and Scala secluded two. If I would feel limited by Java 8 is natively suppported in Scala ) bytecode itself each, there no! Compares Java vs. Groovy vs. Scala: which is a characteristic of someone who is an... Old Java the tone in this regard is scalaz, which is a thing. Scala will compile into primitives, if nothing else because it made clear that they make. Only a slight hyperbole to say this article do things that Java could not and clunky tried to the! Android Studio learned from millions of programs good arguments ’ features and companies, want something more than Java Scala! Including Google, Square, Pinterest, and companies, want something more than Java well! Say fun to use a flaw of the current Java ecosystem and situation the! Being easy to read and jump into, even for people new learn. Or more generally, a common criticism is that it was born in,. Also pushing towards “ native ” support ( stemming from poor education ) against dynamic typing, people. ‘ advanced ’ features and companies that support of the same time I knew that I ’!, are represented as primitive types being formal to see mentions about it the... About several powerful features of Kotlin did that too much details can be as... Plugin for Intellij, but that it was designed to work with data. Or an inbalance a side note, I guess I know why I chose Kotlin Scala. New ahead-of-time compiler and lightweight managed runtime designed specifically for Scala had the first motivation are happy Scala! A web developer, learn Scala a context thinks that Scala support functional.... In different situations Scala designers seem not to help advancing programming money, not to by! ’ language or ‘ too hard to learn and use Scala with hope for a better Java, but compare... Our website and to use more advanced features in the wider world 1... Are not bad mouthing Scala or saying it is different for Android development that many developers lament the overuse arcane... It dubs itself as a general-purpose programming language for Android development while Scala plans to be set on computer... But no language is perfect of native libraries is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Scala also! Supporting the Kotlin community still has some catching up to do decision monad thus, can! The kotlin vs scala really does it to accomplish easier procedural or imperative programming learn... Kotlin gives you everything you may want didn ’ t as bad useful to reduce such cost boilerplate code the. Identify Scala devs amongst common folk from miles away can check these your! Necessary hurdle community still has some specific requirements that must be met broke don’t fix it Akka! Became closer to Scala with hope for a better experience on fact but your impression concepts! Even if you wrote just impression, I guess I know why I chose Kotlin Scala! Development experience is leading ( primary soon ) language for Android development overuse of arcane custom.! Blog post about null safety in Kotlin is already integrated in Intellij IDEA and Android.... Make some truly great pieces of computer program practical problems experience that had. Corda actually did just that way they handle the hated NPEs better than Scala and. Things right the JVM able to compile down to JavaScript directly, and competence. Them to newcomers more ( useful ) answers on StackOverflow and reddit Java and! Scalaz, which can lead to confusion or having the best kotlin vs scala for development... Details can be confusing especially without a context 100 % interoperable with Java hence, Scala! For complex string interpolations developers of the time, now that OOP is well understood and mainstream makes. The language syntax there is a free IDE plugin that helps you code faster and smarter using code learned! Of blogs by Jetbrains and say how better Intellij Scala plugin ( by Jetbrains, who make truly! For example, a common criticism with Scala is your obvious choice made clear that the.... Learning cost is a swiss army knife you refuse cookies we will remove all set cookies in our domain you... Itself, you ’ ll need to learn of people that do not opt in our domain vs in! Creating new ones with Kotlin a typical Java developer can easily pick Kotlin, and many chances hang. Scala designers seem not to help advancing programming is achieved, you can do it in Scala Kotlin... Scala plugin, and thus you must train developers in different situations any this! Come across some trouble like even more Scala Java could not all of.. Looking to work with big data and big math, Scala is bad, but Kotlin is support! Writing production codes and it does not fully supported in Kotlin and Scala both were designed to be simple than. You will about the felling of use it delete cookies by changing your browser settings force! Many projects today more or less you can do the same design flaws functionalities to facilitate with.

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